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& Empowering Solutions by Wareflex


MoQ and flexibility solutions

Minimum Order Quantity (MOQ) are compelling customers to buy unnecessary services due to the asset owner's increased reliance on the same customer

Flexibility with shared services

Shared services like transport and warehouses transform fixed costs into variable costs, allowing asset owners (service providers) to serve multiple active customers instead of just one


Digitalization solutions

Manual methods and a restricted supplier pool within the logistics procurement process impede the guarantee of fair prices in a fragmented market, where the majority of operations are also handled manually

Digitization of procurement to operation management

Improves efficiency widens supplier options, boosts price competitiveness and promotes fair pricing in a fragmented market and has free digital tools available for operational management after the procurement


Distribution and redistribution solutions

The current consolidation of inventory storage for finished goods results in higher average rental expenses and slower, more expensive transportation to the point of sale (redistribution) or customer location.

Inventory near customer location & D2C

Splitting inventory storage of finished goods will reduce costs by lowering rental expenses and facilitating cheaper and faster transportation to the point of sale or customer location.


Manufacturing solutions

Manufacturing companies incur substantial expenses in storing, handling and maintaining inventory for intermediate goods to maintain the flow rate, leading to increased costs.

Just in time for manufacturing companies

This solution can subsequently reduce their storage and handling costs by constantly maintaining the flow rate from supplier location to the factory.