Hello, Vietnam.

We are Wareflex, the first on-demand warehousing platform in Vietnam.

We connect businesses in need of warehouse services and qualified warehouse providers.

Our mission is to provide flexibility and agility to businesses to access warehouse facilities while supporting asset owners to get improved incomes.


What is On-Demand Warehousing?

Like Airbnb connects guests and hosts, on-demand warehousing is a service that connects businesses in need of warehouse services and qualified warehouse providers. In addition to its flexibility and agility, this model has advantages in terms of cost model compared to traditional distribution networks with owned or leased warehouses.

Traditional warehouse operations have steep set-up costs, long-term commitment, and location constraints, whereas on-demand warehouses provide more freedom to scale up or down warehouse networks, as needed.


A hybrid distribution model that uses on-demand warehousing services with traditional options reduces risks and costs by leveraging distributed network capacity. A growing business needs the added stress of rent payment or minimum payment requirement to a 3PL. 

Business Meeting

Warehouse Clients

All businesses with supply chain operation needs, such as Importers, Exporters, Manufacturers, Distributors and Retailers

Warehouse Clients


Warehouse Providers

Asset owners and 3PL service providers with different types of storage facilities, such as general cargo handling warehouse, cold storage and open yard.

Warehouse Providers


Product Features


What is Wareflex?

Wareflex is an on-demand warehousing platform and we are on a mission to provide flexible warehouse services in Vietnam. We address the varying warehouse needs of Importers, Exporters, Manufacturers, Wholesale Distributors, Retailers and E-commerce Sellers.

Wareflex is extending its partnership with warehouse providers and owners across Vietnam, to create solutions for the supply chain challenges of the present and future and to bring more value to existing and new businesses.

We value long-term partnerships with our customers and continue to develop this digital platform to its perfection, to provide efficiency, simplicity, transparency and innovation to the Vietnamese market. 


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Why Choose Us?



Flexibility is in our DNA, reason why we are Wareflex.


We ensure your needs will be addressed by keeping everyone accountable. 

Competitive Rates

Variety of options and accurate information provide reasonable rates. 

Ease to transact

Streamlined end to end searching, booking and payments processes. 


Trust is built only when transparency is prioritized. We're open and proud of it. 


All you need when looking for warehouses at your fingertips.



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