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WMS Introduction

A software application designed to support and optimize warehouse operations and inventory management.

Item management

Manage item and item grouping in warehouses

OMS requests Management

Manage inbound & outbound orders from OMS

Inbound & Outbound management

Improves inventory control and increases warehouse efficiency.

Warehouse billing

Create warehouse billing based on the services that customers use

Detailed reports

Provide detailed information about inventory, including stock levels, item specifics, and other relevant details.

WMS 2.0


Inventory BI (FIFO/LIFO)

Real-time inventory tracking & quickly compare with the customer's system

Manage stock levels

Instantly checks product availability & identify low-on-stock or out-of-stock items

Put away & Picking

Enables faster order fulfillment, and enhance accuracy

Mobile app access

Provides real-time visibility, maximize flexible operation on the go
Power of digitalization
in your hand
Efficiently manage inbound and outbound logistics management and order processing
API integration for Wareflex usersStandard features for V1.0 & V2.0Suitable for all warehouse types
Advanced warehouse management feature (coming soon in 2024)
Business intelligenceMarket insightsAI power network design
Customized Solutions
For the businesses needing additional features in WMS/TMS for any version


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