Privacy Policy

At Wareflex, we take your privacy and security very seriously. We general security measures and techniques to secure your information from unauthorized use, disclosure, or loss. If you have a security issue with your information, please contact us at

  1. Information we store:

    • We only collect personal information when you use our platform. For example, when you log in, create a store, or make a sales transaction.

    • The personal information we collect includes as listed in the account creation form and/or profile creation.

    • Profiles: Warehouse details and images are stored and will be made available to potential clients as that is the purpose of this platform.

    • Usage: Behavior on the platform is tracked, including but not limited to: time spent on the app, frequency of use, number of transactions, visits/ clicks on the page, a certain number of product keywords.

  2. How we use information

    • For information such as Identity, finance, and usage, there is no external sharing of data and it is used primarily to ensure no impersonation taking place and to allow us to facilitate a better experience and make future improvements.

    • For information such as contacts or customers, such information may be shared with any potential partner of strategic importance.

    • Warehouse data will be made visible to the registered business account users  and can be made limited access at the sole discretion of Wareflex in the future.

    • This privacy policy may change this Privacy policy over time to reflect new ways in which we process your information for your benefit or to improve the platform. We post the amendments; we will specify the 'Last Update' date next to the policy. Any significant changes to our privacy policies that you may consider affecting you, Wareflex will provide notification of such changes through the email notification on the user’s registered email address.