cold storage warehouse

Our mission

To provide flexibility and agility to businesses to access warehouse facilities, while supporting asset owner to get improved incomes.

Meet the Founders

Rajnish Sharma

Co-founder & Chief Executive Officer

20+ years of experience in Supply Chain, Trading Companies and Retail.


Rodolfo Davariz

Co-founder & Chief Business Officer

16+ years of experience in Supply Chain, B2B Technology Sales and Management Consulting.





Our Values


We are obsessed about efficiency. Time and money should be spent in activities that add value to your core business. So, next time you will be looking for warehouses, find it with who has done the ground work already.


We understand that supply chain can be quite complex, reason why we choose to focus on simplicity. By standardizing the way we communicate about business requirements and warehouse attributes, we simplify the searching and matching process.


We are proud for being transparent with our business model and for providing data transparency for the warehouse market, while keeping customer data protected and confidential.


We thrive for challenging the status quo and push the boundary of possibilities. With creativity, passion and depth expertise in the field, we are leveraging technology and working constantly to bring innovation to the market. 

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