Terms of Use

1. Definitions​​

  • MoU: It is a kind of cooperative agreement intended to document the understanding of signing parties related to their cooperation within their ongoing or future business opportunities in achieving similar objectives and putting joint efforts with cooperation.

  • Marketplace/Platform: It is a common term used by technology companies who aggregate the demand or supply of any specific product or service and are the front end of its users.

  • On-demand Warehousing: It is a popular concept of sharing economy like Airbnb connects guests and hosts; on-demand warehousing is a service that connects businesses in need of warehouse services and qualified warehouse providers. Wareflex is the first on-demand warehousing platform in Vietnam. It is on a mission to provide flexibility and agility to businesses to access warehouse facilities while supporting asset owners to improve incomes by attracting new clients for higher occupancy.

  • Supplier/Warehouse providers: It is a collective term used interchangiably for the warehouse and affiliated service providers on Wareflex platform.

  • Client/Customer: It is a collective term that refers to the businesses and/or representatives needing warehouses for their products on Wareflex platform.

  • Transaction: It is business activity taking place between two parties on Wareflex platform from beginning to the end as described in the section 2 below. This process starts when a client shows interest in any warehouse facility of his/her choice listed on Wareflex platform. The process is completed when the required period of storage and affiliated services are completed in full and payment is settled. More details about this process are in the following section.


2. Process Flow


A transaction will be typically completed in the following steps:

  • Step 1.A1: Wareflex discusses the model and its benefits with the warehouse providers and both parties agree to sign a standard MoU on mutually agreed terms.

  • Step 1.A2: Warehouse providers create profiles and provide necessary information and documents for the verification by Wareflex team.

  • Step 1.B: The client creates a business account on Wareflex platform and provides the required information.

  • Step 2: When the client is in need of the warehouse for his inventory/product, he must log in and search for the warehouse meeting his selection criteria such as type of warehouse, location, storage time & indicative rates, etc and there are other attributes available to make an instant decision.

  • Step 3: The client will request the proposal from the selected warehouses and Wareflex will coordinate with those warehouses for providing quotations at the earliest possible time.

  • Step 4: Wareflex will share quotations with the client and coordinate for their review, feedback, and follow-up until both parties reach an agreement.

  • Step 5: Wareflex will facilitate the contract/agreement signing between the client and the warehouse of the client’s choice. As per the agreed terms and conditions between the two parties, warehouse storage, handling, and all affiliated service can be carried out.

  • Step 6: Upon completion of the contract between the two parties, a scanned copy of handover minutes to be shared with Wareflex for their records purposes.

3. Obligations

3.1 Supplier/Warehouse Providers: Their obligation towards Wareflex platform and its customers is binding to the MoU signed between the two parties. In general, they have to ensure to provide the storage space, the safety of the client’s cargo/product/inventory, and professional handling of the services as agreed through a service level contract (SLA) / or lease agreement signed with the Wareflex client. You must remove the warehouse listing upon the premise being Leased. This is a truncated version and the agreed obligation for both sides shall be applied as per the signed MoU.


3.2 Warehouse Clients/Customers/Business account: Those who register a business account on Wareflex confirm that they are authorized representatives of the company identity they are submitting while creating this account. If any such information is found untrue then the affiliated business account will immediately be suspended for further usage on Wareflex. The holder account holder must ensure to provide clear and enough information for their warehouse requirement for Wareflex to provide the most suitable warehouses which can cater to their needs. Any abuse of this free service from Wareflex will be subjected to permanent suspension of the business account.

3.3 Wareflex: Our obligation towards the warehouse providers aka suppliers on the platform is binding of the signed MoU. Whereas Wareflex by any means is not a party to the signed agreement/contract between warehouse service providers and clients. The agreement and implementations of the SLA/lease agreement are strictly between the other two parties and Wareflex can only support and facilitate the transaction between two interested parties who agreed to sign a contract. Wareflex’s obligation towards the business account holder aka clients is limited to providing available options for the warehouses as per the requirement they shared with us. Wareflex will provide free of cost access to some features listed on the warehouse profile and wherever deemed fit may provide contact information on a case-by-case basis as per the sole discretion of Wareflex. While we ensure the accuracy of the listed information in the profile through our diligence process but by no means Wareflex will be responsible for the accuracy and have any binding to the same.


4. General rules and regulations


4.1 Only registered users will be provided the access to warehouse profiles and available features and warehouse service providers will only get access based on the client’s interest on their warehouse.


4.2 The rates indicated on every profile are indicative and can change at any time without prior notice. The rates shown in the profile may not necessarily be the same when providing quotations.


4.3 The information listed on the Wareflex is its sole proprietor. Any commercial usage or reproduction in any form and its user information are strictly prohibited and applicable legal action can also be initiated at the sole discretion of Wareflex.


4.4 The users who create a business profile or create warehouse profiles must be over 18 years of age and by accepting these terms and conditions confirm the same.


4.5 Person creating account on Wareflex, acknowledge and agree that he/she is responsible for the account on Wareflex and will not allow anyone else to utilize that account nor will he/she impersonate anyone else. person  must not disclose the password to any other person.


4.6 Person creating account on Wareflex must provide us with accurate, complete, and up-to-date registration information, as requested. It is his/her responsibility to inform us of any changes to your registration information.


4.7 The account created on Wareflex is not transferable.


4.8 Wareflex reserves our rights to terminate or suspend your account at any time if you breach any of these terms and conditions.


4.9 Wareflex has no obligation to accept a listing or retain the listing on the Platform, and may, at our discretion, remove or suspend a listing from the Platform at any time.


4.10 Warehouse may not use the service to solicit business, transmit spam, or post bait listings.


4.11 All information provided by Wareflex on or through the platform is provided in good faith. Any information provided is general information and is not in the nature of advice.


4.12 The placement and ranking of Listings in search results on the platform may vary and depend on a variety of factors, such as search parameters (filters) and preferences, warehouse requirements, listing price (if any), and availability, number, and quality of images amongst other things. Wareflex by no means will not moderate the ranking of the listing and it will be purely based on the ranking by the clients and their search criteria.


4.13 All these terms and conditions can be amended periodically and completely be changed at the sole discretion of Wareflex at any time. The latest version of these terms and conditions will be displayed on the website and users are advised to keep track of the version with any partial changes. However, any major change in the terms and conditions will be notified to the registered users through an email for their information.


4.14 Wareflex bears no responsibility of any kind or type or in any form for the use of third party services on its platform. It is full responsibility of respective third party/service providers on Wareflex platform subjected to the terms and conditions agreed between the other two parties.